Decision on 115 charges facing Man City is years away with club “very confident” they’ll be cleared

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Everton’s 10-point deduction appears to have sent shockwaves through football, however, Man City remain supremely confident that they’ll be found not guilty of the 115 charges levelled against them.

The scale of charges against the current Premier League and European champions means that it’ll likely be at least a couple of years before the club are brought to book, even though Football Insider have noted that Liverpool are at least one club that would prefer everything is resolved before the start of the 2024/25 season.

It’s surely in the interests of the wider football family and not just the Premier League that City are either punished or absolved of any wrongdoing as quickly as possible.

The amount of paperwork to be gone through appears to be what’s holding the entire process up, and all the while, City can try their level best to hoover up as many titles as are available. In the last few years they’ve made a good go of doing so too.

Football Insider also quote a well-placed source as suggesting the club are “very confident” of being found not guilty because of their heavily-manned legal team.

It can’t be forgotten that City have some of the wealthiest owners in world football, and to that end, they should be able to afford best-in-class legal representation.

There seems little that anyone can do at this point other than to let the saga take its course.

Ultimately, whether they’re found guilty or not, questions will surely be asked over the time it’s taken for this matter to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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