About Us

caughtoffside has been a specialist transfer news and football gossip player since 2006, providing sensationalism (with editorial integrity), insight, and a commitment to stand up to (or poke fun at) the players, managers, clubs, leagues, broadcasters and owners – ensuring the fans’ perspective is heard.

Our writers strive to add colour to conventional commentary, structuring the pace of their narratives and animating details in order to lubricate the delivery of their exclusive news stories; sometimes heightening hyperbolic headlines to service the greater goal of delivering football news culture to an increasingly impatient and distracted audience.

Our photographers don’t just support our reporting with pictures that confirm our writers’ tales, but reveal new insight from each image captured, seeking to complement and then expand on the written word.

Our video creators take the very concept of football journalism to a whole new paradigm, offering an interpretation of the news that’s more akin to art – devoted to delivering important information in visceral video memes that surprise and delight audiences.

Our unique approach combines insights and opinions from the leading transfer news experts, the best football reporting talent, former players and referees with the interpretive skills of the next generation of digitally native creators, who transcend the dichotomy between delivering thoughtful, essential material and cultural sensationalism on digital and social platforms.

Founded in 2006 by Chris Toy, caughtoffside was acquired by Ingenious Media backed Sport Buzz in 2007 and then sold to fanatix in 2009, which is now part of Rocket Sports Internet, an investor in journalists and news creators.