British Airways pilots will play a role in fixing major Premier League issue this season

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British Airways pilots are currently playing a role in the Premier League as they help referees hone the art of communicating under pressure during matches. 

The officials in England’s top flight have come under intense scrutiny this season as there have been several high-profile mistakes that have infuriated clubs and their fans.

The incident that infuriated most people was Luiz Diaz’s disallowed goal for Liverpool against Tottenham in September, where the winger scored a perfectly good goal but it was chalked off as the officials couldn’t communicate effectively.

According to The Times, the Premier League have brought in British Airways pilots to help their officials hone the art of communicating under pressure.

The standard of officiating has been dreadful this season in the Premier League and it seems that the decisions they make occupy most of the conversation after matches, which is not what makes the sport enjoyable to many.

Anything that will help them improve should be welcomed and this is a positive step towards referees making more consistent decisions under the high pressure they are under.

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